Early Preschool

Your child’s mental and social development begins the moment they are born, possibly even before that. Preschool is a well-researched form of education that stimulates a child’s early development, but there is debate on what age a child should enroll. If you believe that your child is ready for preschool from an early age, you’ll want to enroll them in a school that understands their particular needs.

We offer early preschool for toddlers eager to learn as early as the age of 3. If you’d like to give your child a head start on learning, as well as giving them a head start on socializing with their peers, we’re here to help! Your child will learn to fine-tune their motor skills, as well as knowledge to operate in a social environment without their parents. Signing your child up for early preschool will be helpful, both in the short- and long-term!

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